Our First Few Days: Poneloya, Nicaragua

Upon our arrival at our rental house in Poneloya we quickly realized there is a vast difference between the vacation rentals we are used to and this long term rental we have chosen as our first home in Nica.

Our 2 bedroom, 2 bathroom house is located directly on the beach.   Rent is a mere $350 USD per month (which we thought was a steal of a deal), but unfortunately our house isn’t exactly set up how we imagined it would be. We have the bare necessities only and our “casa” could really use a good cleaning. 

We’ve started a wish list of a few “nice to have ” things.  

Included is:  

  • a couple of chairs to kick back in while enjoying cervaza
  • a hammock
  • lightbulbs in all rooms
  • some cleaning supplies
  • a better equipped kitchen
  • a ceiling fan in the bedroom that works

Admittedly we may have focused a bit too much on what we didn’t have on day one, but as day two in Poneloya comes to a close we already have a better appreciation for what we DO have:

  • a comfy bed
  • an amazing view of the beach from our bedroom
  • a friendly caretaker next door who has two nice dogs
  • a small fruit market close by
  • surf directly in front of the house
  • a local fish market just a short walk down the road
  • a dozen small restaurants within walking distance
  • amazing sunsets
  • super chill and friendly locals all around 
As we said goodbye to our first visitors we realized we have lots of time to make our place feel like home.  We plan to spend the next couple days “shining up the place” before heading to Granada for some more fun with Nadia and Steve.  

See you soon friends!

Nadia & Steve ready for their next adventure!

About In Nica Now

We're Gordon and Elisha. A Canadian couple living a relaxed life in the colorful beach town of San Juan del Sur. If you're looking for information on life & travel in Nicaragua you've come to the right place!

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  1. Yes Elisha the pluses do seem to override the others, esp. since you can purchase a few things and make it homey. It’s cold here… 😉 and we are working hard…
    I sure like to hearing from you guys, Have fun.

  2. Ahhhh the life!!! I’m loving every part of your journey so far!!

  3. jeffmuench@gmail.com

    I hope you find, as I have, amazing friendships and fascinating people in Poneloya.

    Take the first right at the top of the hill, then a block to the church on your right…it will be the only white and green church on the street 🙂 tell them some folks from Indiana sent you. If you enjoy friendly people and loud music, you will fit right in. Tell Anabel I said hello.


  4. jeffmuench@gmail.com

    BTW – The church on the ridge would set you up with someone who could take care of your laundry. Inexpensive (you supply the soap) and they will do a great job. They would be thrilled to have the work.


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