Living in Leon

It’s day two at our new digs in Leon and we are settling in quite nicely. We have rented a room in a colonial guest house at a cost $300 USD for the month.

Finding a decent long term rental in Leon isn’t easy so we feel very fortunate to have found this place. With next to nothing advertised on the internet the best way to find more desirable rental property in Leon is by word of mouth.  Luckily one of the staff members at Lazy Bones Hostel gave us the heads up on this hidden gem.

From the outside our place doesn’t look all that interesting; not much by way of curb side appeal and notice there are no signs indicating that there are rooms for rent.

But as you open the doors and step inside what a world of difference.  Beautiful artwork adorn the walls with tasteful decor throughout.

In the front of the house there is a common area to watch television.

As you walk through the property towards the back of the house there is a beautiful, large and lush garden.

I love the contrast of the greens in the garden against the checkered tile floor.

We share a nice little kitchen with the other house guests.  It’s equipped with the basics, but not much more.  We have a cabinet to call our own where we store the little bit of groceries we keep.  To ensure we are the ones enjoying the Tonas we bought we use a permanent marker to put our names on the cans.

There are plenty of additional dining tables.  A great place to take some Spanish lessons in the evening.

We have no shortage of places to sit down, relax, read a book or enjoy a beverage.  Classic rocking chairs and seating areas are plentiful.

This is our favourite garden in the house.  There are two little turtles that live here.

As you continue through to the back of the house (getting closer to where our room is located) there is another garden.

The door to our room is on the right. This area is a great place to sit during the day, as well as the evening.  It’s nice and quiet with warm breezes blowing through.  Very tranquil! 

Finally we have our room.  The bed is very comfy and has great pillows.  The fan does an awesome job of keeping the room cool, both during the day and at night.  It seems like we may not even need to use the air conditioner.  I guess I should have listened to Gord when he said we probably wouldn’t need it and we could have saved ourselves $100.

We have cable TV with a couple of English channels which I’m quite excited about.  After not watching any television at all for over a month it’ll be nice to sit down and watch a show or enjoy a movie once in awhile.  Unfortunately I don’t think I’ll be able to get The Bachelor. 😦

The closet is a bit smaller than the one we had at our house in Poneloya, but combined with the space in the dresser we managed to squeeze everything in.

Not quite as fantastic as waking up to the ocean – but still not bad – this is the view from our room.

We hope you’ve enjoyed the photos and description of our place here in Leon. We are looking forward to starting Spanish classes, exploring the city during the day and night, discovering some hot spots for cheap eats, meeting more interesting people and continuing on and enjoying every moment of this amazing Nicaraguan adventure!

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We're Gordon and Elisha. A Canadian couple living a relaxed life in the colorful beach town of San Juan del Sur. If you're looking for information on life & travel in Nicaragua you've come to the right place!

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  1. Hi Elisha and Gord. The house looks really bright and airy .Spottless!

  2. Elisha, the plant in your last photo is the same as the one your mom use to have.

  3. Dad – do you think you and Mom could handle a couple of weeks here? 😉

  4. Love it! I think I could handle a few weeks visiting you guys there. Wish we were coming soon. Can’t wait to see some pics of the streets of Leon. Miss you guys xo

  5. I think you’ll be very comfortable here, cozy & clean. Have fun!

  6. The place looks beautiful!

  7. Looks fantastic, guys! Don’t you just love those hidden interior courtyards? Are those photos of Levi that I see prominently displayed in your room? Looks like he made it with you after all 🙂 Hope that Nicaragua is treating you well!

  8. Yes, Sarah that is a photo of Levi you see in our room and although he is not here with us in body, he’s definitely here with us in spirit! Nicaragua is treating us very well so far; life is good!

  9. The place is very very nice guys. Enjoy for time there!

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