We’re Moving to San Juan Del Sur!

Since Elisha and I arrived in Nicaragua 8 months ago we’ve managed to live in 5 different towns.  Our Nicaraguan expat adventure began in Poneloya and from there we moved to Leon. The next city we called home was Granada and then we were off to the spend some time at Apoyo Lodge in Laguna de Apoyo.  And finally here I am in San Juan del Sur searching for yet another rental.

A couple of months in each location has allowed us the time needed to see past the tourist scene while figuring out the true flavour of each town. That being said 2 months (or less) in a each place was not nearly enough time for any one place to feel like home.  Eventually we both want to settle down in one place, but for now we’re looking forward to spending some time in Nicaragua’s tourist playground.

– A shot of the bay of San Juan del Sur taken on my morning run

The fact that San Juan del Sur is a tourist hot spot means that there are lots of places to stay, but unfortunately there are few options that actually meet our needs. Most monthly rentals here are vacation homes with rates starting at $100 plus per night or Nica style homes that are quite “rustic” and somewhat undesirable.

With Elisha back in Canada visiting family for a month I’m left to house hunt in San Juan del Sur all on my own. Lucky for me our friends Jon and Quinn have been living in San Juan del Sur for the past three months.  During that time they’ve come to know the little ins & outs of the town and were more than happy to fill me in on all they’ve learned about Nicaragua’s favourite beach town.

– Our friends Quinn & Jon

When I arrived in town Jon & Quinn introduced me to the family that owns Elizabeth’s Guest House.  They helped me get set me up in a private and comfortable room so I could take some time to find an apartment.

– Elizabeth’s Guest House

Just as they had done with Jon & Quinn, Elizabeth and her family took me in like one of their own.  In fact, it was my first night in town when Elizabeth’s husband Orlando decided to get me drunk on rum.

– Elizabeth’s husband Orlando

The next day I woke up feeling a little rough, but fortunately Elizabeth fed me and nursed me back to health.  I’m sure glad she did because I had some work to do – it was time to begin my San Juan De Sur house hunting mission!

About In Nica Now

We're Gordon and Elisha. A Canadian couple living a relaxed life in the colorful beach town of San Juan del Sur. If you're looking for information on life & travel in Nicaragua you've come to the right place!

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  1. Well, we’re really going to miss your smiling faces! Sherri and I are going to Antigua, Guatemala for a week or so next month, mainly to see if the climate there would be a better fit for her. I guess I’m now in the market for a vehicle?

  2. SO excited for you two!!! We’ll be visiting you when you find your place 🙂

    PS. Sending you an email update today.

    PSS. great shot of orlando!!

  3. Welcome to San Juan, guys! Let me know if you need any help finding a place. Saludos! ~Sarah

  4. hey guys my gf and I are coming down in the fall to find a place to live we our 50 yrs want to live close to the beach if possible what kind of rent r we looking at 1 br or studio?

    • Hi Ken
      I found a new 1 bedroom apartment for $300/month. It is three blocks from the beach and has an ocean view from the rooftop patio. It was luck and a lot of footwork that helped me find this place. September and October are slow months so you might be able to find a good deal but it starts to pick back up in November. You won’t find many affordable places on the internet though. It seems like the best places are found through word of mouth and they are only available for a very short time so you have to stay on your toes. If you want some help once you arrive you can send me an email.
      Good luck,

      • Thanks for the info Gord, I will be keeping in touch with you guys, any info that you feel is worth while for us please forward our way. keep safe

        ken and heather

  5. Hey Gord- good luck with house hunting! I stayed at Elizabeth’s hostel when I was there for a week or so – it was great – loved SJ del Sur! I loved Gato Negro too! And Big Wave Dave is from Edmonton (if his little eatery is still there!?!)!

    • Hi Kim
      I’m sorry to say that I think Dave’s closed down about a year ago. Elisha and I went there a few years ago and really enjoyed it but it is gone now.

  6. Gord, I just heard of an earthquake off El Salvador and a tsunami warning?  Hope you headed for high ground! Joe


  7. Okay, I may be a little late?  But a 7.3 is a bigee!  Thank goodness no real tsunami hit last night! Joe


  8. This is a great blog! Glad I found it… I was in San Juan this past October and loved just about every bit of it.

    Gord, how are things going and would you mind if I asked what you’re doing for work down there?



    • Hi JP,

      Welcome and thank you for your interest in In Nica Now.

      Aside from sweating profusely while we wait for the rains to come Gordon and I are doing very well.

      We are both retired and not currently working.


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