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A Most Awesome Day of Sailing: San Juan del Sur, Nicaragua

With the end of the dry season rapidly approaching the temperature is climbing. From experience we know that each day will feel hotter and more humid than the last, until the merciful rains come in May to cool us off. For the next month we’ll be staying close to the ocean or a pool.

One of our favorite ways to cool off and have a great time is to go sailing.

We recently got together with sixteen of our friends (new and old) and spent the day on a catamaran with Captain Zach from Nica Sail n Surf. We cruised out to a private beach north of town and enjoyed a day of swimming, snacking, drinking and relaxing. We had our own private party on the water.

$60 USD included our day of sailing, open bar complete with beer, rum, juice and soda, as well as Zach’s very own homemade ceviche, guacamole and salsa.

It was our friend Stephanie’s birthday and she said that the day couldn’t have been better. Even though her daughter Layla was the only kid on board she had a great time.

This was our first time sailing with our buddy Zach, but it certainly won’t be the last!

To learn more about Nica Sail n Surf or to book your very own catamaran adventure click here.

Celebrating St. Paddy’s Day in San Juan del Sur

This year we celebrated St. Paddy’s Day much of the same way we would have had we been in Canada.  We participated in a pub crawl.

The festivities kicked off midday from Big Wave Dave’s Bar & Restaurant.  There were a couple of things that made this particular pub crawl unique – our mode of transportation and the cost.

We paraded through the city on a horse cart, two ox carts and a jeep. The fact that drinking and riding in an ox cart through the city is completely legal made for a very interesting day. 

Locals lined the streets snapping photos of us as we paraded around town. 

St. Patrick’s Day is a holiday that Nicaraguans have heard of, but don’t celebrate. To them it’s a day in March when they get to witness Gringos getting as drunk as some Nicas do on Sundays.

And at $20 USD for transportation, rum and beer on the cart, as well as drinks at each of the 4 establishments we stopped at the price was hard to beat.

Huge thanks to John Crilly of Classic Cruisers for organizing the event.  Special thanks also to Dan & Cesar for allowing me to combine some of their photos with mine to create the large gallery of images shown below.

Photo Journalism Friday: In the Mood for a Mojito?

Photojournalism Friday:  Mojito

Located right on the beach beside Eskimo, Rancho La Cubana restaurant in San Juan del Sur makes a mean mojito! During Happy Hour you can enjoy not just 1, but 2 of these sweet cocktails for just $2.50 USD!

Mojitos not your thing? The margaritas and daiquiris are just as delectable.

More Than Just a Bracelet

Jonathan Button and Quinn Vandenberg left the United States in May 2012 and moved to Nicaragua to create a business that gives back to the community.

And now – less than a year later – they are operating a successful business that buys and sells bracelets created by local artisans. 

For every bracelet Jonathan & Quinn sell, they give school supplies to a child here in Nicaragua. 

More Than Just a Bracelet

– Life Out of the Box kickin’ it at Pitaya Festival 2013

More Than Just a Bracelet

– LOOTB offers different styles with something to suit everyone

To learn more about Jon and Quinn and Life Out of the Box click here.

Since meeting this lovely Californian couple eight months ago we’ve become great friends. 

We believe in Jon and Quinn and the Life Out of the Box vision so it was without hesitation that we bought a bracelet for our little miniature schnauzer Maggie Mae.

More Than Just a Bracelet

– Maggie’s bracelet makes a comfortable and stylish collar

One thing we love about about Life Out of the Box is that we actually got to see the child we impacted. Each bracelet is stamped with a unique number that corresponds to a specific child.

Maggie’s number is 328 and the child she provided a gift to is David.


This is what Jon & Quinn had to say about him:

“This very sweet guy is David. He’s 14 years old and loves school. He had the biggest smile of all the kids we’ve met here in Nicaragua, a smile that will just make your heart melt.

He goes to school at Los Pipitos, which is a school in San Juan del Sur, Nicaragua dedicated to children & adults with disabilities and special needs. He was so happy and thankful when he received the notebook we gave him on your behalf on the first day of school.”


Each time we look at Maggie’s LOOTB bracelet we are reminded of David and the difference we made.

To purchase your very own LOOTB bracelet, give school supplies and see the child you’ve impacted click here.

Photo Journalism Friday: Pig Tails

Photo Journalism Friday:  Pig Tails

This little piggy went to market, this little piggy stayed home.
Our puppy Maggie likes to play with these piggies all day long!

5 Nicaraguan Souvenirs You Probably Won’t Want to Buy


I spotted these rare and lovely pieces at one of the shops in Catarina. When we looked at the girl in the shop with questionable expressions on our faces she described them as “erotica”. These unique ceniceros (ashtrays) sell for just $6 USD.

Nicaraguan Souvenirs You Probably Won't Want to Buy

– How do you like them bananas?


I’m not really sure what use one would have for these rare and interesting baskets, but I am sure of one thing, at $60 USD they don’t come cheap!  

Nicaraguan Souvenirs You Probably Won't Want to Buy

– Yup, that’s right, these baskets are made from real chickens.


These masterpieces come in all sizes.  I had to stop myself from laughing out loud when the shop owner told me the price for a piece this size (16″ X 20″) was $50, but he’d be willing to sell it to me – on sale – for only $40 USD. 

Nicaraguan Souvenirs You Probably Won't Want to Buy

– This El Bano painting is one of the more modest pieces I’ve seen. Many actually show dirty toilet paper littering the ground.


Whether it be Cuba, Mexico or Nicaragua we’ve all seen multiple versions of the “stuffed” frog. To ensure In Nica Now remains a family friendly website I’ve chosen to share this G-rated photo, instead of the XXX one I have.  At $10 USD (including the Flor de Cana pocket rocket) I suppose you can’t really go wrong.

Nicaraguan Souvenirs You Probably Won't Want to Buy


This exquisite hand painted coffee mug is definitely one of kind and can be yours for only $8.33 USD.  Imagine the reaction you’d get from your coworkers when you walk into the coffee station with this mug in your hand. 

Nicaraguan Souvenirs You Probably Won't Want to Buy

– This might actually be the one (and only time) a “cup of boob” would be appropriate in the office. On second thought…maybe not!

So there you have it!  A sampling of some not so beautiful treasures that can be found here in Nicaragua.  If you’d like to check out some Nicaraguan souvenirs you probably will want to buy just click here.

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