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I Couldn't Even ask for a Cerveza

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We're Gordon and Elisha. A Canadian couple living a relaxed life in the colorful beach town of San Juan del Sur. If you're looking for information on life & travel in Nicaragua you've come to the right place!

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  1. Charlotte Fetzer Lynch

    Still working on that! LOL How did you learn so fast?

    • I think the key to learning Spanish is to practice, study, practice and more practice! Don’t be afraid to make mistakes. Spend time with people who speak Spanish and attempt to speak the language absolutely every opportunity you get.

  2. Yes, I’m curious, too. Did/do you have a private Spanish teacher, did/do you attend a Spanish language school? Or did/do you study online?

    I was very happy with the school I attended for a week in San Juan Del Sur and wish I could have stayed longer! Regardless, congratulations on getting so comfortable, so fast!

    • Hi Claire,

      We took lessons 1 hour per day, 4 days per week for a period of one month. Price for a one hour private lesson in our home was $5 USD.

      One time we spent our lesson shopping at the market together. Another time we just sat in the park. We even had a lesson at our favorite roof top bar in Leon. The practical lessons were my favorite and in my opinion just as important as the in-house lessons.

      We also studied bit online – Gordon more than me.

      We still have a long ways to go – to be where we’d like to be – but we are definitely leaps and bounds ahead of where we were when we arrived 22 months ago.


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