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Photo Journalism Friday: The Christ of the Mercy

Photo Journalism Friday: Christ of the Mercy

The Christ of the Mercy statue was erected in 2009 and and has quickly become an ionic landmark and geographical reference point for the town of San Juan del Sur. At 24 meters it is the largest statue of Christ in Central America and one of the 10 largest Jesus statues in the world. El Cristo de la Misericordia was the dream of a local businessman, Erwin Gonzalez, who made his fortune from tourism. 

Photo Journalism Friday: The Sound of Nicaragua

Photo Journalism Friday:  The Sound of Nicaragua

Animal-shaped ocarinas (flutes) can be found all over Nicaragua. These little whistles are colorful, detailed and sweet sounding – they also tend to be quite successful in catching tourist’s attention.

Photo Journalism Friday: Roosters on Her Head

Photo Journalism Friday: Roosters on Her Head

As Gord and I sipped our fresh fruit smoothies watching passerby on the beach this lady and her grandson approached us. Roosters made from seashells don’t fall under our preferred style of home decor so we offered to buy her and the boy a juice. I often wonder how many of these pieces they sell in a day? A week? How long does it take to make one and how much do they cost? Instead of immediately saying, “No gracias”, I should have taken some time to have a conversation with her and ask a few questions. Next time!

Photo Journalism Friday: Hay is for Horses

– Hay if for horses, better for cows, pigs don’t eat it ’cause they don’t know how!

Photo Journalism Friday: Stink Eye

Photo Journalism Friday:  Stink Eye

– A facial expression of distrust, disdain, or disapproval; also called skunk eye, hairy eyeball

Photo Journalism Friday: FSLN Revolution Day

Today, July 19th marks the 34th anniversary of the Sandinista Revolution of 1979 – the day that the National Liberation Army defeated the Somoza dictatorship in the Nicaraguan Revolution.

– Today all buses in the country change their stationed route to Managua.

As we made our way from Granada to San Juan del Sur we passed bus load after bus load of FSLN (Sandinista National Liberation Front) supporters en route to Managua.

Every year on July 19th thousands of people from all over the country gather at Plaza La Fe in Managua to commemorate this historical event.

Photo Journalism Friday: Multitasking

Photo Journalism:  Multitasking

mul·ti·task·ing: the performance of multiple tasks at one time

Photo Journalism Friday: “Whole Foods Market” now open in Nicaragua!

Photos Journalism Friday: "Whole Foods Market" now open in Nicaragua!

– Our friendly fruit and vegetable truck driver greets us daily with a huge smile on his face. One pineapple, one watermelon and a dozen juicing oranges all for just $2.48 USD!

Photo Journalism Friday: In the Mood for a Mojito?

Photojournalism Friday:  Mojito

Located right on the beach beside Eskimo, Rancho La Cubana restaurant in San Juan del Sur makes a mean mojito! During Happy Hour you can enjoy not just 1, but 2 of these sweet cocktails for just $2.50 USD!

Mojitos not your thing? The margaritas and daiquiris are just as delectable.

Photo Journalism Friday: Pig Tails

Photo Journalism Friday:  Pig Tails

This little piggy went to market, this little piggy stayed home.
Our puppy Maggie likes to play with these piggies all day long!

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