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Photo Journalism Friday: Clowning Around

Photo Journalism Friday:  Clowning Around

– Windshield washer on a busy street in Managua

Photo Journalism Friday: A Nicaraguan “Coyote”

Changing dollars on the street with an independent money exchanger – also known as a “coyote” – is common place in Nicaragua. 

Coyotes can be found at markets, on plazas or close to regular banks. They flash large bricks of cash and typically offer rates comparable to what you can get at the bank.  

Independent money exchangers are generally honest, but it’s important to know the exchange rate and roughly how much money to expect back in the transaction. To avoid being short changed always count your money.

Photo Journalism Friday:  A Nicaraguan "Coyote" or Independent Money Exchanger

– Exchanging money on the street will save you from waiting in long line-ups at the bank

Photo Journalism Friday: “Why did the cow cross the road?”

Photo Journalism Friday: "Why did the cow cross the road?"

“To get to the other side!”

Photo Journalism Friday: An Uninvited House Guest

Photo Journalism Friday

– Gord used our broom to gently escort this uninvited house guest out the door but not before I had an opportunity to grab my camera and get my Photo Journalism Friday shot. Hopefully he doesn’t come back!


Photo Journalism Friday: Tick tock…this guy can fix your watch!

Photo Journalism Friday

Photo Journalism Friday: A Political Parade

Photo Journalism Friday

It’s 4 pm on October 31st in San Juan del Sur. Yes, that’s right – it’s Halloween.

Local and expat children walk door-to-door to designated businesses collecting candy. Meanwhile truckloads, busloads and carloads of Sandinistas proudly wave their red and black flags in support of Daniel Ortega.

The music is loud.  The energy is high.

FSLN (Sandinista National Liberation Front) theme songs, that oddly enough, have been remade to the rhythm of popular American classics blast from huge speakers. It’s an all out party for these members of the FSLN as they prepare for the upcoming municipal election.

Along the malecon tents and stacks of Tona (local beer) are setup around a giant stage. All of this in support of (and paid for) by the FSLN.

I kind of feel like I’m at an NFL Tailgate Party, except for one glaring difference.  At this event there is only one team. 

Photo Journalism Friday: Bottled Water Delivery Boy

Photo Journalism Friday

Photo Journalism Friday: Did Somebody Say McDonald’s?

Photo Journalism Friday

– McDonald’s has restaurants in 119 countries, one of which just happens to be Nicaragua!

Photo Journalism Friday: Made in Nicaragua

Photo Journalism Friday

Photo Journalism Friday: Diego

Shot in San Juan del Sur, Nicaragua

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