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Help Us Name our New Feathered Friend

Apparently 3 dogs, 2 cats and 1 goat wasn’t enough for us to take care of.  We are now caring for a jeuvenile white fronted amazon parrot.

Gord found our little feathered friend on the pathway that leads to the lake. He was very weak with a large crack in his beak. We kept him in a cage for the first few days, but now he is living in the garden in the main living area of the house.  He seems to have his flight feathers clipped, so it looks like he won’t be flying anywhere until his next molt – which could be as far as six months away.

We were hesitant to name him at first for fear that he wouldn’t survive, but now that he’s eating and becoming stronger each day we’d like to be able to refer to him as something other than “the bird”.  

We’ve narrowed down our choices and would love your help with choosing his name.  Please take our poll and vote for your favorite name.  Act quick – the poll closes in 24 hours! 

Five Hours of Fishing: San Juan del Sur, Nicaragua

Fishing isn’t an activity that I would normally spend a day doing, but Elisha’s Dad Willard is an avid fisherman so we couldn’t bare to watch the fishing boats leave the dock in San Juan del Sur without jumping on one.

While in San Juan we stayed at Gran Oceano hotel for $52 per night.  The rooms were small and basic, but very clean.

Room 103 at Hotel Gran Oceano

Hotel Gran Oceano has huge outdoor garden and pool that was perfect for relaxing while being entertained by Reuben the Yellow Naped Amazon parrot.  He could say “hola” and laugh – which he especially liked to do after biting you.  He could also cry like a baby.

Elisha’s Feathered Friend Reuben

Gran Oceano offers fishing charters at a cost $300 for 5 hours for a boat that can take up to 6 people.  The trip typically ncludes a meal, snacks, beer and soft drinks but since the Gran Oceano boat was already out, the owner set us up with a friend of his at a discounted price of $200. We had to supply our own beer and food, but felt $200 was a real steal.  We were in Playas del Coco, Costa Rica just the day before and the same package was $800.

Serious Fishermen

Sailfish are currently in season.  With the Gran Oceano boat bringing in 4 sailfish and releasing 2 marlin the day before we went out we had high hopes.  Our day started out slow but once the fish started biting the Captain could barely get one fish filleted before we hooked another.

Willard reeled in the 1st one!

I hooked the next.

A proud father holding his daughter’s first fish!

Willard and I pulled in 4 yummy tuna and Elisha brought in a nice dorado.  She did very well considering this was her first time ever deep sea fishing, she had only one eye and Willard, the Captain and I were all yelling instructions at her in two different languages.  Unfortunately we weren’t lucky enough to catch any sailfish on this trip, but we sure had a great day out on the ocean!

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