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Operation Kitty Rescue

What was supposed to be a typical pool day at Mango Rosa actually turned out to be an extra special day.  Together with our friend Mandy, Gord and I recently rescued a kitten.

As we cleared our tab with the bartender he explained they had a couple of kittens on the property that needed homes. 

Gord and I are looking to adopt a dog and Mandy already has one dog, one cat and two parrots so unfortunately neither of us were in any position to take any of the kittens. Luckily we knew the perfect couple who were – our friends Brian and EJ.

A quick phone call and Mandy had the green light.  Operation Kitty Rescue was a go!

After three attempts we managed to get this little fur ball into a box and into our Hyundai Galloper.  

Kitty Rescue

We weren’t even out of the parking lot when our little Houdini had escaped again, but Mandy held on tight and stroked her chin. The kitten started to relax a bit and thankfully Mandy managed to come out with only a few minor scratches.

– Mandy the Kitty Whisperer

Fifteen minutes later we turned the corner into Barrio La Planta. Brian waved us down. 

– EJ was wide eyed with excitement as Mandy placed the tiny frightened ball of fur into her arms.


– Love at first sight!

– Brian, EJ and their new fur baby!

I can’t wait to find out what name Brian and EJ choose for their new family addition!

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