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Do You Wanna Buy an Iguana?

We were recently driving along the highway,  just outside of the town of Masaya when we spotted some youngmen on the side of the road proudly displaying iguanas.  I pulled over to snap a photo and learned the following:

1.  These iguanas weren’t being sold as pets.  They were being sold for the meat.

2.  A nice plump iguana goes for approximately $4.35. Yup, that’s right 100 cordobas gets you one of these bad boys.  If you’re looking for more bang for your buck you can have both for 180 cordobas or $7.83.

Since taking these shots I’ve learned a bit more about this Nicaraguan custom through an interesting article by another WordPress blogger, Rachel Wyatt Lindsay.  

To read about this vegetarian’s experience eating iguana and the link between the Catholic Church and the threat of extinction for iguanas in Nicaragua click here.

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