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One More Reason to Drink Beer

Most of us don’t need yet another reason to drink beer, but here’s one for you anyway.  

The story goes like this…

Nadia, Elisha and I drank liberal amounts of beer during our first four days in Nicaragua. Nadia’s boyfriend Steve doesn’t drink, which actually scares me a little.  In my experience anyone who doesn’t drink at all is usually religious, a recovering alcoholic, in serious training for something or has something to hide. I’m not sure which (if any) of these categories Steve fits, but none the less, he DOES NOT drink.  

I thought Steve looked very healthy drinking huge fresh made juices every day so I began to think maybe he was in training. Then when I saw him praying so vehemently to the white porcelain God I figured  he must be one of those religious fanatics and then suddenly he turned around and shat on his God with more venom than any evangelical preacher I’ve seen on TV. Confusing?!?

Steve told me he has only had 8 drinks in his entire life – so alcoholic is out.  This leaves me to believe he is hiding something.  I do know one thing – after spending 2 days on the throne – it certainly isn’t his dignity!

The moral of the story is:

Just drink the beer – it’s obviously good for you!

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