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A Walk About the Town: Poneloya, Nicaragua

We received feedback from a friend that we needed more pictures on our blog.  Ask and  you shall receive!  These photos were taken this afternoon as Gord and I took a leisurely stroll around town.  We hope these images paint a bit of a picture of what it’s like here in Poneloya.

Gord posing in front of our favorite store where we purchase 1 litre bottles of Tona.  They are perfect for sharing.

A shot of the street just a few steps down the road from our place.

Master and Student enjoying a game of Checkers.  

Nicole and Nancy Just Hangin’ Out

These little girls came running out of their house as soon as they saw us with the camera. They were very anxious and excited to have their picture taken.

They grabbed another little  friend to get in the next shot.  She wasn’t quite as excited about having her picture taken as the others.

Nicaragua’s Next Top Model

Where the river meets the ocean;  a great spot for swimming.

Poneloya, Nicaragua

Collecting Firewood “Nica-Style”

This little piggy’s name is Lolita!

…and this little boy waited patiently to have his picture taken with his pet piggy!

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