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Photo Journalism Friday: A Win-Win Situation

Were on our way out of the town of San Juan del Oriente when we spotted this woman walking up the road.  Dressed in a bright blue dress and frilly white apron she carried a bag of watermelons on her head.  I thought she’d make a good subject for a photo so I hopped out of the truck and approached her.

“¿Puedo tomar su foto?” 

Like many Nicaraguans she appeared a bit shy about having her picture taken. 

As she waved her arms around and spoke to me in Spanish I click, click, clicked down on the shutter button of my camera. I had no idea what she was saying so I nodded and smiled. Confident that I had the shot I reached into my pocket for my lens cap. 

I walked towards her, took her soft and weathered hand in mine and kissed her on the cheek.

“Muchas gracias!” I said.

I watched as she dug through her canvas bag that she held on her lap. She took out her bible and placed it on her lap. It looked well used.  She eventually found what she was looking for – two Watchtower pamphlets.  She handed them to me and smiled. 

She took advantage of this moment to spread the word and I got another great photo to add to my collection.

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